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Let me start by explaining how I came to be Maureen’s birth photographer. Her midwife, LaShel, reposted a home visit photo of one of my clients on her Facebook business page, back in April. Maureen hadn’t even considered birth photography until she saw THAT image with my watermark declaring I was a birth photographer. Gotta love social media!
So, Maureen called me while I was out of town, and after chatting briefly, texted me her information, we’d touch base when I was back. We met – and clicked right away, her house in PB only 10 minutes from mine. I was thrilled to have another home birth so close to my own home, and given Maureen’s labor history, it would prove to be a good thing.

On the day of Ronan’s birth, August 18th, 2014, Maureen texted me mid morning to let me know things were stirring. It was senior registration day at my daughter’s HS, and I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for her, seriously wondering if I’d have to call my husband to come get her, while I dashed to Maureen’s birth. As it happened, Maureen didn’t feel the need for me to come right away, and wanted to wait for her doula (her mom) to arrive, she’d call me later. We kept in touch, and I received the go ahead call from her husband to head over to their house, around 11.30. I found Maureen in the bedroom on her birthing ball, with her mom applying back pressure. She wanted to wait for the midwife to arrive before being more mobile, as in the past this has sped up her labors (both #1 and #2 babies were born within 5 hours of labor beginning).
Midwife arrived, and moving around more, Maureen’s labor DID in fact pick up, just as predicted. I remember her mom, Colleen, pronouncing that she thought Baby Ronan would make his appearance before 2pm – it was now about 12.30. Hmm, could it really be THAT fast? I could barely tell that Maureen was in active labor, but then LaShel asked her a question, and after Maureen answered “I don’t know”, proclaimed “Ok, we’re getting to the I-don’t-know phase, we must be getting close”. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a mom laboring and progressing so quickly, and after lying down on her bed at about 12.55pm, with her husband behind her for support, Baby Ronan was born at 1.03pm – and he’s a little red head, although not so little at 9 lbs 8 oz.
Their sons, Seamus and Macklin, came to check out their little brother, and so did Grandpa who’d been taking care of the older boys during their mother’s labor. I was there and back in just over 3 hours, my fastest birth to date. Oh, did I mention I was thrilled that it was a daytime birth? Their beautiful PB beach cottage provided the most amazing light!
Thank you, Maureen and Russell, for trusting me to document the birth of Ronan, and your journey to becoming the parents to 3 boys!

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