The birth of Louie | San Diego Birth Photographer

As  I have been experiencing with a lot of 2nd births, this one was just as fast as the others. Got the call from Nick about 4.22am, left immediately and took the first photo at 5.05am. I think Cherri was wondering why we were all there so early, she was completely denial I believe! For a while, she labored in her bathtub, and looked so beautifully relaxed – most the time… Up out of the tub, then to the bathroom, where she wanted to remain had the midwife not insisted she make it over the bed to have her baby. Somehow, Cherri summoned the strength to walk to her bed, and could feel her baby’s head already… After only 1 push, baby was born, and it was another 11 minutes before Nick and Cherri looked to see if they had a daughter or a son, tuned out he was boy!!!!! It would be another week, before the rest of the world found out his name – Louie Kai. He was born on 4.4.14 at 6.14am, and was perfect in every way!

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