The Birth of Irene via Surrogate | San Diego Surrogacy Birth Photographer

I love how certain people come in to your life. I truly believe I was meant to meet this amazing, generous woman. Jackie became the surrogate for Baby Irene, who will be raised by her two loving, incredible Daddies, in Spain. Fast forward to about 4 months ago when  Jackie and I met at an event at the Birth Education Center in Mira Mesa. After telling me she was a surrogate, I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to know more about the process and who these Dads were. As time got closer to her due date, the more I wanted to be part of this birth team and asked Jackie to contact the Dads to find out if they’d be interested in birth photography. As it turned out, they were – lucky me! They arrived from Spain a little earlier than originally planned, and in plenty of time before the birth of their little princess.

There were so many reasons I wanted to be part of this birth; Jackie and I had become friends. I’m also friends with Cinda, her doula (who had gone through doula training with Jackie). The OB was going to be Dr Damon Cobb at Pomerado Hospital, where I hadn’t shot a birth yet, and I had heard so many amazing things about Dr Cobb. And of course the fact that it was a surrogacy and the IP’s (intended parents) were two Daddies! Literally, a birth photographer’s dream birth… LOL

Baby Irene chose November 25th to make her debut, after Jackie had been in labor since the early morning hours and had texted me to let me know that things were happening. We were joined by the Dads at Jackie’s apartment and later drove to the hospital where we all settled in to room 511. Much to my astonishment, the Dads were greatly involved in helping Jackie through her labor, and observing them interact made my heart sing. We had the most amazing birth team, and I know I’ll cherish these memories forever! Irene was born at 3.35pm, while Jackie was crouching, and being supported by Cinda and the Dads, on the hospital bed!

I’ll let the images below speak for themselves!


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