The birth of Harper | San Diego Birth Photographer

I’ve been to incredibly fortunate to have had the best clients anyone could wish for! I knew I wanted to be Amanda’s birth photographer as soon as we met for our consultation. Her parents live only 5 minutes from my house, and when Charlie deploys in July, she’ll be moving in with them for the duration of his deployment. Which means, I’ll get to visit and babywear Harper frequently, can’t wait!!!!

It’s plain to see, Amanda’s very close relationship with her parents. I think this was the first time I got to witness a labor where the grandparents-to-be, were not only present, but also incredibly involved. They brought food for everyone, they prayed together, they came along on the neighborhood walk, they stayed throughout Amanda’s labor (in a room nearby once things progressed). Amanda had been laboring for about 36 hours when she and Charlie arrived at the birth center, where I had waited for them to arrive.

Charlie was her ROCK, only leaving her side for a few minutes (and only a few feet away), to shove some food in his mouth! Amanda was determined to have the birth she had envisioned all along, and SHE DID IT, exactly the way she’d wanted it – she had her water birth! After 49 hours, she gave birth to their long awaited and beautiful baby girl, Harper Ivey.

Thank you, Amanda and Charlie, for allowing me to be part of your journey, it’s an honor I deeply treasure.

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