The Birth of Baby M. | San Diego Birth Photographer

At our first meeting, we got along like old friends! Charlotte contacted me after finding out about me on a local FB group for photographers. She and her family had just moved to San Diego from the East Coast, and she knew her husband would most like be deployed during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Charlotte is a photographer, too, so she understands the importance of documenting such an important event. Her best friend, Mandy, was going to the stand-in husband, and even wear the infamous orange pajama pants!

Thanksgiving came – and went. Late Saturday afternoon, on the November 27th and at this point a week overdue, I got the call to let me know they were headed to the hospital to have Magnolia’s heartbeat checked to make sure she was doing ok. Well, they decided to keep her in and induce her. Charlotte managed to hold out on the epidural, but during transition decided she wanted it after all. For reasons I won’t go in to now, she ended up delivering all natural, and Magnolia was born fast and strong, in fact so fast that if I hadn’t been standing where I was, I would’ve missed it! Soon after she was born, we were able to get Daddy on Skype, and he got to meet his brand new daughter. I can’t even imagine how Charlotte felt, but I was really emotional….

Here’s Charlotte and Baby M’s birth story…

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