How do you choose your photographer? How would I choose?

Today’s photography market is inundated with so many amazing and talented photographers, offering a variety of session types, styles – and pricing.

I would want someone who ‘sees’ my vision, no matter what type of session I want, someone who just gets me.
I want to feel a connection with the person who is going to make photographs of me, of my family.
Someone I could imagine becoming friends with.
Someone, with whom I can be myself, and be goofy with (yes, I can be VERY goofy sometimes…).

I think that human connection is what I crave the most, and what I hope to provide for my clients.

I believe in documenting life – as it happens. Real moments – raw emotions, true connections and rare beauty.

The raw emotions you feel during your birth journey, and the power that comes with birthing your child, no matter how or where.

The true connections, evident when you think about your unborn child during a belly session, or while doing a favorite activity with your family,

The beauty you might find at home, where your kids feel the most comfortable because the smells are familiar, and they have all the books and toys nearby.
Somewhere, they, AND YOU, can just BE themselves.

I look forward to making photographs of YOU.
~ Catie


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