Why Birth Photography?

You are in for the biggest love affair of your life. You and your husband/partner love each other, for sure. You’ve created this little life that is growing inside you right now, after all. But you have no idea of the width and breadth and depth of that love until you’re holding that little life in your arms for the first time.

But even before that, during labor, your husband/partner will be there to support you. Your mom may be there. Maybe a best friend or sister. Their attention will be focused on you and the baby. They will be most concerned about your progress and how to best take care of you. And then, during the actual birth all else is forgotten as you work to deliver that little life into the world.

How could you ever forget it, right? Well, maybe you won’t. But there is someone else who, years from now, may want to remember. Birth photographs are a way to show your child, vividly, how they came into this world with love. To show them how much you loved them from the day they were born, and even after you are gone.

Maybe you’re thinking, “My husband or Mom/friend can just take some. We have a good camera.” But in that moment when you look into your baby’s eyes for the first time, when you hold her hand or nuzzle her hair, when your husband embraces the two of you together and you share your first family hug, do you want your mom or your friend or whomever else is in the room, to capture that beautiful moment – that beautiful, fleeting moment – or do you want them be in IN those pictures? Can you trust them to know how to work your camera and to see with an artist’s eye?

Now imagine being able to see, over and over again, the look on your husband’s face and the way he looks at you lovingly during your labor, when he meets your baby for the first time, even after it’s faded from your own memory.

I want to enable YOU to experience the marvel that is your journey to parenthood, to be able to concentrate on your labor and birthing your baby.

There are very few events in your lifetime that are as momentous,
exhilarating and life-changing as childbirth.
Let me help you create a beautiful memory in pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions


When do we call you?
I ask that Mamas keep me up to date when they think things may be happening. Having two kids myself, I need make sure they are taken care of before I can head out to a birth, so the more notice I have, the quicker I can join you.

When do you join Mama in labor?
When you’re in active labor, I will join you and your birth team. If you’re at a hospital, they will more than likely check how far along you are, at which point you would call me to let me know. If you have a doula, she will be able to give me some indication as to how you’re doing. The same goes for the midwife.

How long do you stay after baby is born?
I will stay for up to 2 hours after the birth because I feel those are some of the most precious moments to document – that bonding time with your new baby, older siblings getting to meet their new brother/sister, grandparents coming to meet their newest grandchild, just to name a few!

Do we get prints or CD with images? Do we own pictures?
Yes, I have several packages to fit all budgets. Some include prints and/or digital photos on CD (please see investment guide for more details).
Copyright of all images taken at your labor, delivery and postpartum, remains with Vuefinder Photography. You will receive a Limited Use License (print release), so you’ll be able to print your photos at the lab of your choice. I will recommend some labs for you to use though, to ensure maximum quality for your photos.

How many births do you schedule in a month?
At this time, I only schedule 1-2 births a month, to ensure my availability for your estimated due date.

BIRTHS continued

What do you do when hospital/Doctor won’t allow delivery photos?
I ask that you get your provider’s approval for birth photography before you hire me. At the time of delivery, it’s ultimately the provider’s decision to allow birth photography. For example, if there’s some type of emergency, they will not allow me to keep shooting. The same, if you end up having a c-section delivery. In the OR it’s the anesthesiologist decision whether or not to allow birth photography. If photography IS allowed in the OR, I may be more limited in the type of shots I can get, because I’m unable to move around as freely as I would in a regular room (OR = sterile environment). In a hospital birth, most doctors will ask me to stand next to the mamas shoulder on one side of her, whereas in a home birth or birth center delivery, I’ll be able to move around more freely.

“I feel as though I’m in the ‘spotlight’ being photographed during labor. How can you help me overcome that?”
At our initial consultation, we will talk about what type of photos you think you may or may NOT want. I have a questionnaire that will help clarify this, and I keep it with me during your labor and delivery.
I have been told by previous mamas, that I am able to blend in to the background, that they weren’t even aware of my being there or even the click of the shutter. You will be so busy laboring and birthing your precious baby, that more than likely you won’t even know I’m there.
If at any time you want me stop shooting, all you need to do is tell me, and I will respect your wishes.
I am there strictly to document your journey to parenthood, in a purely documentary style. Please don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to pose!