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At last year’s San Diego Birth Network RED TENT event, I raffled off a breastfeeding session, and Angela was the lucky winner (in fact, she won BOTH my gift certificates, the other was a freshBaby session which she then gifted to her sister-in-law…).

Looking back on my own breastfeeding experience, I realize how fleeting that time was and how I wish I had some photos to look back on. No matter if you breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, those moments of bonding, connecting with your child, are some of the most precious moments of your life!

So, here are Angela’s precious images, with her daughter Maya…

angela_bfsession_03 angela_bfsession_06 angela_bfsession_14 angela_bfsession_21 angela_bfsession_23 angela_bfsession_26 angela_bfsession_27 angela_bfsession_28 angela_bfsession_29 angela_bfsession_30 angela_bfsession_33 angela_bfsession_36 angela_bfsession_40 angela_bfsession_41 angela_bfsession_42 angela_bfsession_43 angela_bfsession_50 angela_bfsession_51



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