Baby Josiah’s Home Birth Story | San Diego Birth Photographer

Finally, a home birth! I had been longing to document this type of birth for a year, and end of April it was finally time. Both their older kids were born at home, and so they wanted nothing different for #3, little Josiah. David and Eleanor came to me through a mutual friend, and we hit it off right away. Their relaxed and quiet nature was immediately endearing to me, and so we made plans for me to document their journey to becoming a family of 5.

As I had instructed them, David called to let me know that Eleanor’s water had broken on the morning of April 27th. I was so excited, I actually forgot to ask him if she was having any contractions yet (!) so I texted him to ask about that. As it turned out, she was not feeling any, and so the waiting began.

I arrived at their house around 6pm, and together we waited for their friend, an acupuncturist, to arrive a little later to help get labor started. It was incredible to witness the affect of this acupuncture, and had I not witnessed it, I may not have believed it.

The evening progressed, with Eleanor seeking relief in the tub for a while, only to return to their bed around 12.30 and delivering a beautiful baby boy, Josiah, at 1.16am on April 28th – his original due date! Eleanor was radiant during her labor, so beautiful and serene. She describes her birth story beautifully here: Josiah’s Birth Story | by Eleanor Izor

Without further ado, here are the images from this incredible birth!


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