Storytelling your most precious moments, true connections, deep relationships, raw emotions and rare beauty.

My Family

The simple beauty of having fun!

Hi! I'm Catie
Unless we've spoken on the phone or in person, you probably wouldn't know that I have an accent. Yup, I'm an Aussie. Moved here 23 years ago to marry the most extraordinary man I've ever met. His name is Harry, and he's the most gentle and kind man I know. We have two kids, a 20 yar old daughter in College, and a 15 year old son in High School. 
History in pictures
My father handed me his camera one day on an outing and said, "Shoot away!" That simple action awoke in me a joy for capturing life on film that has grown and blossomed with time. In that simple action, my Dad handed me my life's work, my passion - what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Thanks, Dad, I miss you!
Seeing Deeply
Photography is capturing the extraordinary meaning in each ordinary moment, and weaving those strands together to tell a story - your story - to hold, to share, to remember.

My philosophy
Photographs should capture your life the way you live it - with joy! My photography sessions are active treks, following your fun and capturing the moments that tell your story. 
You have fun. I have a camera. Your story unfolds.
A few of my favorite things
Family - sunsets - laughter - travel - pistacchio icecream - chicken curry - friends - photography.
Can't wait to meet you and find out about some of your favorite things.
~ Catie
P.S. I'm a hugger!