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One Moon Doula Business Session | San Diego Birth Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting all the lovely postpartum doulas of One Moon Doula Services, and getting to photograph them in one of their client’s homes. They are thoroughly dedicated to their jobs, and a delight to be around!
If you’re looking for postpartum help, check them out here:

Wishing I had known about postpartum doulas when I had my kids 19 and 14 years ago!

Here’s what One Moon Doula Services has to say:
“In the days and weeks following birth, parents are often overwhelmed with the lack of sleep, the newness of their roles and responsibilities, and the seemingly constant and persistent needs of the newborn/s. While conditions usually rapidly improve after the first few weeks, getting enough sleep and support in the meantime can make all the difference between enjoying these early days and simply (and sometimes barely) enduring them.”

One Moon Doula serves families in North County San Diego and beyond, by providing a range of services in the weeks and months following the birth of a child. This can include light housekeeping and meal prep, education and how to’s about newborns, sibling support, reassurance about all the changes and challenges, and just an overall commitment to take care of you while you take care of your children.

Just a few of their doulas. Business sessions always include head shots.

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Moments In Birth | San Diego Birth Photographer

What do YOU think of when you hear BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY?

Below, I’ve chosen some images from two very different birth stories, that can show you much better than I can put in to words, how I see birth photography.

Planned hospital birth, but baby had his own ideas, and was born in the backseat of his parents’ car, 4 minutes from the hospital where I was waiting for them to arrive. I took this as soon as they were able to lower the back window…

After birthing on the backseat of her car, mama had to help maneuver herself off the backseat on to a gurney, with her son on her chest and the placenta not yet delivered.

Getting to hold his newborn son for the first time.

Nursing her Rainbow baby. I loved that she had painted her nails in the rainbow colors.

Calling family to let them about their newest family member.

That first meal after birthing your baby!

Best Start Birth Center.
Mom arrives to embrace and support her laboring daughter.

Family prayer, giving each other strength.

Connected. Listening.

Out for a stroll to get labor going more strongly.

I can only imagine how much video footage I’m in!

Pausing for a few contractions by the the backdoor of the birth center.

This one has always been one of my favorite labor images. It was very warm during early May 2014, and we had the fan going strong in the suite.

The wonderful midwife getting by with very little light.

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A Business Session | San Diego birth Photographer

Why do you need a business session? First impressions leave lasting impressions. Having professional head shots and content on your website, will allow your clientele to know that you’re serious about what you do, and that you ARE a professional.

What is a business session? When updating or creating a website, you may be in need of new content, so potential clients can get to know you a little better. Business sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs, and always include a head shot, and other content that may be important for you to showcase.
Please contact Catie, at for more information, and to book your session.

Please meet the Owners of Ocean Midwives, Andrea Meyer and Whitney Stolman.

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