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Everyday | San Diego Family Photographer

Through Vuefinder Photography’s EVERYDAY sessions, we want to show you how amazing your life is, just the way you and your family are,  and that
it’s the little moments THAT REALLY COUNT.
The ones where you say to yourself “Oh, I have to remember that look” or “I wish I could remember this moment forever!”
Hugs, snuggles, laughter, silliness, connectedness, beauty, love.

Allow me to be part of your day, and together we’ll document and create something really special –


Chris W’s experience with her EVERYDAY session:
Catie is more than just an amazing photographer; she’s an amazing human being. I was so excited and nervous about having an in-home lifestyle session. I ran through the laundry list of insecurities I had about our home, about our kids, about my body, about everyone’s ability to not act like wild animals in front of everyone. I finally decided to just embrace the way we are, since that’s what I really wanted. When the day of our session rolled around, Catie came over and did exactly the same. She just embraced us. She cherished my kids, engaged my daughter in conversation, was gentle and easy to approach and just be around. When it was time to wrap things up, my daughter asked whether Catie could come back for a sleepover. I probably don’t even have to tell you that the photos were spectacular, but they really, really were. I love having this time in our lives, when the kids are little, when we’re still figuring out what it means to be a family of four, to have it trapped in amber to revisit as we change and grow. The images Catie made for us will be a treasure to our family for generations. Thank you again for this incredible gift.


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