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The birth of Piper | San Diego Birth Photographer

On the beautiful moonlit night of July 2nd, 2015, Piper was born at home, surrounded by the people who love her the most! Early that evening, at 7pm, Ruthii texted me to let me know she was feeling ‘a bit crampy’. Next, I received a text from her doula, Cris Harper, at 9.42pm, letting me know she was heading to Ruthii’s house, things had picked up. Since Ruthii lived about 50 minutes away from me, I decided to head over there myself. Got myself ready and headed out the door by 9.55pm. Good thing I did because at 10.41pm, the next text I received from Cris was “Come quick!’. I knew I was close, but I hadn’t been to the house before, and it was dark as can be, no street lights anywhere in sight, and I told Siri to text Cris Harper ‘Almost there’. The time stamp from my camera says I took the first photo at 10.45pm, and Piper was born at 10.54pm – THAT was close. Had I left home much later, I’d have missed it!
Ruthii and Tim, thank you for inviting me to be part of your birth team, your (short) birth story, and allowing me to witness your miracle!

Mama: Ruthii Slattum The Painted Oven website, The Painted Oven on FB
Doula: Cris Harper North County Natural Birth
Midwifery care: Kaydee Welchons Birth Matters Inc

Below you can see the progression of when Ruthii get’s to meet her baby girl, Piper, face to face for the first time. There was so much overwhelming joy at having accomplished her home birth, and so much faster than anticipated…

Piper Mae Klara

BIG brother Patrick meeting his new little sister, while BIG sister Tabitha was asleep!

Tim getting to hold his new daughter for the first time!

Already in love!

“I DID IT, I got my home birth!”

Piper is a lucky little girl, both her Grandmas witnessed her birth!

Cris Harper brought these little onsies for her twins, Bella and Iris, to wear just in case they woke up.

I don ‘t often get IN the picture, but here I am with Ruthii and Tim!

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Waiting for Baby | San Diego Birth Photographer

I have no adequate words to describe how amazing it is to be able to be part of women’s pregnancies and births. Natalie and Philip are awaiting their little baby in May, and we did a Belly session in their home in April, a month before her estimated due date. There’s something really special about being at home for a belly session. The light is amazing, and you’re surrounded by familiar smells and things that are dear to you. Thank you, Natalie and Philip, for being game to have your in-home session, and I look forward to documenting your birth story any day now!

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Everyday Breastfeeding | San Diego Lifestyle Photographer

At last year’s San Diego Birth Network RED TENT event, I raffled off a breastfeeding session, and Angela was the lucky winner (in fact, she won BOTH my gift certificates, the other was a freshBaby session which she then gifted to her sister-in-law…).

Looking back on my own breastfeeding experience, I realize how fleeting that time was and how I wish I had some photos to look back on. No matter if you breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, those moments of bonding, connecting with your child, are some of the most precious moments of your life!

So, here are Angela’s precious images, with her daughter Maya…



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