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Everyday | San Diego Family Photographer


Can you do something for me? Please ask yourself the following questions. “What kind of photos are of importance/value to me?”, “What do I want my kids to remember about our time together?” and “What do ‘I’ want to remember about my kids?”

What happens when your babies grow up, start walking, talking, reading books, and start doing so many other things? Those little everyday things that may go unnoticed for a long time, but will bring back memories later in life. The stories of our lives; a smile, a look, the giggles, the memory of learning to read and being read to – the pure and simple joy of togetherness, silliness and laughter.

It’s the little things in the everyday that make up our lives, and everyday needs to be cherished for what it is – another day. Another day to love your loved ones, to build memories that last a lifetime.

The following images are just a sample of the endless possibilities that this type of session offers. This Daddy loves spending time with his 6 year old daughter, reading, tickling, and talking about their favorite movies (which sometimes need to be looked up on imdb, just to check on some details…). What will YOUR session look like?


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