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The birth of Baby I. at BIB Birth and Wellness Center | San Diego Birth Photographer

I’ve had an amazing year so far. Got some last minute bookings in June and July, and the birth of Baby I. was one of them. How I love shooting births at the Babies In Bloom Birth and Wellness Center in Vista! The rooms are spacious, ceilings high, and the light amazing – night or day!
Melina contacted me inquiring about birth photography, and we scheduled a consultation while she was at a prenatal with Michele Kazmier, Lavender Moon Midwifery. Milena decided to hire me, and I was thrilled to discover that she also had a doula, whom I have know for years, Quinne Huffman. This seems to be the year of getting to work with a lot of doulas, I LOVE IT!

The day of Isabella’s birth,  July 16th, Milena, Quinne, Michele and I kept in touch via texts and phone calls. Around 2pm, I decided to head to the birth center, since I was at least 45 minutes away. Turns out that Michelle, the midwife, also arrived within minutes of me. We both had a feeling that once Milena came to the birth center, things would go quickly. I decided to have a short nap on the very short couch (!), and around 4.30pm got the text from the doula that they were on their way to the birth center. Michele had already filled the big beautiful bathtub with water, good thing because not long after arriving, Milena decided it was time to get in. From there, everything went so fast. Baby I. was born at 5.22pm, in to her Daddy’s hands, who then lifted her up on to Mama’s chest. It was absolutely perfect! Milena’s parents and sister were also in town, and her sister got to witness the birth of her niece!

Thank you, Milena and Jose, for allowing me to be part of your journey!

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