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The home birth of Esequiel | San Diego Birth Photographer

I had planned to take some time off during June/July this year, but ended up getting a call from Christina and Josh, inquiring about birth photography. After meeting with them, I was so excited to be chosen to document their journey to becoming Esequiel’s parents. I would finally have the opportunity to work with Nicole Morales of Art of Opening and Vickii Gervais of Homebirth Midwife, both of whom I’d know for some time, but had not worked with yet.

The day of Esequiel’s home birth came (although they didn’t know YET that it was a boy…!), and I joined Christina and Josh at their condo. Christina had visualized her labor taking 6-9 hours, and sure enough she was right on!
Their little boy was born in the tub, in to his Mama’s hands, at 8.25am on June 16th, 2014. It was absolutely perfect, just the way she’s imagined.

I’ve attended close to 30 births over the last 3 years, but when the Dads get emotional, I get emotional. It was simply beautiful witnessing Josh’s reaction to the birth of his son – raw, real, uninhibited. Don’t even get me started on the love Christina and Josh have for each other…. amazing!

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