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San Diego Nursing in Public Task Force | San Diego Birth Photographer

It’s been a very long time since I last nursed my second child – about 10 years (he was 15 months old by then). There are still moments that I miss that special time, where I got to just stare at this little human being my  husband and I created, and revel in the sheer emotion and beauty of breastfeeding.

I was so excited to recently discovered that The San Diego Breastfeeding Center is in the process of creating The San Diego Nursing in Public Task Force.

The purpose of this task force is to “educate our community about the laws that protect a mother’s right to breastfeed in public, and to provide support and guidance to mothers who have faced harassment or discrimination for breastfeeding in public.”

Please take a moment to read this article written by the San Diego Breastfeeding Center, and share with friends!

Click on link: San Diego Nursing in Public Task Force

Please enjoy some images of San Diego community Mamas nursing in public! THANK YOU to all the Mamas who helped make this photo shoot a reality by volunteering their boobs and babies! It was wonderful to meet you all!

A big THANK YOU also to the South Park community and their stores So Childish, Progress, Station Tavern, for being supportive of nursing in public and welcoming us with open arms!


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The birth of Kaleo | San Diego Birth Photographer

Adrienne emailed me back in July of 2012, when she first discovered she was pregnant and due in February 2013. I was thrilled that she was already thinking and planning so far ahead! We met to go over her birth plans, and once she checked with her OB that he was onboard with me photographing Kaleo’s birth, we reserved her estimated due date of February 20th. We kept in touch via email and the occasional phone call, and as time neared it became apparent that Kaleo was going to be a big baby! Adrienne was induced on Valentine’s Day, and I joined Rick And Adrienne around 12.15pm, a short time after her water broke.

Baby Kaleo arrived that same afternoon at 4.43pm, weighing 9lbs 4oz (the same as his big brother Kainoa), measuring 21 inches, and I think he looks just like his Mama and his big brother. His cheeks are so squishy!

Adrienne and Rick, thank you so much for having me photograph your baby boy’s arrival, I feel honored to have been part of your journey! Please enjoy your sneak peek…

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The birth of Alyson | San Diego Birth Photographer

Annie found me through a Navy board, she had asked if anyone knew of a birth videographer. We met, and connected right away. Her husband had just deployed and was not going to be here for their daughter’s birth. She asked specifically to have the actual delivery documented with video, and if I was able to shoot video and still throughout her labor. A few weeks before her estimated due date, December 26th, there was a sad even in her husband’s life and he was allowed to come home from deployment to make funeral arrangements for a family member. He was flown to San Diego to be with his wife, but he was supposed to leave Christmas Eve…. As the date approached and still no Baby girl, Josh asked for an extension of his leave, his request was granted and his new departure date was now 1.3.13. They tried all kinds of natural methods to encourage Baby Aly to make her debut before Daddy’s departure, but it seemed she had other plans. As January approached, he made one last attempt for another extension of leave – it was granted again – and in the early morning hours of 1.3.13, he was notified that the last date for departure was 1.8.13. Ok, things were getting serious now. By 1.6. Aly was still not here and there was talk of induction, but they decided it was not the way to go. About 3 hours after the decision was made NOT to induce, Annie was in full labor and on her way to the hospital! Josh would be here for Baby Aly’s arrival after all! I joined them at Balboa Hospital at 3.45am on 1.7.13, and Aly was born at 9.57am. Josh assisted in her birth and lifted her on to Annie’s tummy – and I caught it all on video! It was beautiful! Watching Annie throughout her labor and delivery was a powerful experience for me, and her Doula proved to be invaluable. The following morning, Josh returned to his ship to finish his deployment, and will return to his family this May.

Please take a moment to see the beautiful images from Aly’s birth, and remember to watch the video at the end of this post!

The arrival of Aly

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