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What sets us apart | San Diego Birth Photographer

During a conversation a couple of days ago with my Doula friend, Jackie, she described an interview she had just been to, where she was asked “what sets you apart from other Doulas?”
This got me thinking, and I decided to write a blogpost about it. Don’t worry, it won’t be a long one…

Birth photography is not for the weak of heart, and this year has brought me many firsts, from tears of pure joy to tears of sorrow through tragedy. I’ve been on my birth photography journey for two and half years, starting in February 2011, but I was clueless as to how much it would affect my life. It has made me stronger in ways I never thought possible, and I have made friends along the way, who I know will stay with me for life, from birth workers to Mamas whose births I’ve photographed.

Birth photography is a growing genre here in San Diego. I believe the more birth photographers there are, the more people hear and know about the sheer beauty of it, which is helpful to us all. BUT, what sets us apart?

I believe what sets us apart from one another, is not JUST our pricing or products, or even style. We offer so much more – OURSELVES, heart and soul.
Each birth photographer brings with them an energy that cannot be duplicated, because each of us are unique, shaped by our experiences and creative minds.
Each woman’s birth space is unique, and my hope is that she will find the birth photographer who compliments her energy.

A fellow birth photographer, Leilani Rogers, (whom I greatly admire, by the way), recently photographed a 3 month old baby who had spent a long time in the NICU. She had the opportunity to photograph this baby at home, during an herbal bath session, and her Mama wrote to Leilani here Nathaniel’s herbal bath session. Please take a moment to read about their experience together… thank you!

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