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Welcome to the world, Lucy | San Diego Birth Photographer

I really do have the best job in the world! I get to document the journey a family of 3 takes to become a family of 4, in this case!

Late last year, Annie and I met at a monthly Friday Night Doulas event at the Best Start Birth Center in Hillcrest. She had just found out she was pregnant and, after chatting for a while and seeing some of my work, informed me that she was going to hire me!

Fast forward to July 2012. Annie’s husband, Rob, was home on paternity leave (he is still on deployment), and was going to have to go back on July 3rd at 10am. Annie’s labor started for real Monday morning, July 2nd, and she called me late morning to let me know things were moving along. After making sure my kids were taken care of, I joined Annie and Rob at their home around 1.30pm. Her Doula, Care, arrived shortly after and we found Annie baking a delicious looking cake, all the while being in labor and managing her surges beautifully – thanks to Hypnobabies her labor progressed steadily.

Some of the things about my day with Annie that I will always remember – lots of laughter, joy, tears, beautiful music, silence, the smell of a good stew, did I mention lots of laughter? I asked Annie where the name Lucy came from and she told me about her Grandmother who had dementia. Shortly before her Grandmother passed away, just 2 weeks ago, Annie asked her  what she felt the Baby’s name should be. In a moment of absolute clarity, Grandma proclaimed that she should be named “Lucy”. The thing is, that everyone else was convinced this was going to be a boy, named Henry! Grandma was right after all!

Lucy was born at 10.47pm on July 2nd, weighing 8lbs 6.8oz, measuring 20 1/2 inch. She came into this world in ONE push – Annie, you’re amazing – and surrounded by so much LOVE…

THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of your journey. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to seeing Lucy grow up. I hope you’ll bring her to FND, so we can all have some baby time with her.

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