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Baby J’s arrival | Birth Center | San Diego Birth Photographer

I first met Stephanie and Josh at the Best Start Birth Center in September, while attending the monthly ‘Friday Night Doulas’ (FND) meeting. They had decided to come and meet some people and maybe learn a thing or two about birth. After talking with them for a little while, they seemed eager to have their son’s birth documented, and so we arranged for me to do just that.

I kept in touch with Stephanie for the rest of her pregnancy by phone, and she let me know right away when things were happening. At 5am on October 24th, I received the call to let me know they were headed to the Birth Center. After arriving there and getting checked, it turned out she was already dilated to 6-7 cm, which in turn I learned from another call. I was already up and ready, I hadn’t been able to get back to sleep after the 5am call… So, I headed in and arrived about 20 minutes later (around 6.35am). I found her laying in the tub, and looking as calm as could be. I introduced myself to the Midwife, Vanessa, and went about documenting Stephanie and Josh’s journey to parenthood. She started to push around 8.15am, and delivered a beautiful baby boy at 10.23am.

This journey will stay with me forever for several reasons. It was my first time experiencing a Birth Center delivery, first time water birth, and Stephanie’s calmness will always inspire me – she was amazing!!!!! Witnessing her journey had a profound effect on me, and I (almost) wish I could go back and have my kids all over again!

THANK YOU, Stephanie and Josh, for trusting me to document this life altering journey for you!


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