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The Birth of Baby E. | San Diego Birth Photographer

When a fellow photographer contacted me to document her unmedicated hospital birth, I jumped at the chance. Timing would have it though that Katy was due just 9 days after I was to return from my trip overseas, which made it a bit tricky. But fate intervened and she ended up in labor 6 weeks early, and way before my trip! We had originally planned for me to return from my trip, and if she hadn’t given birth yet, I would attend after meeting her. But I ended up documenting the birth of Baby E, without having met Katy or her husband Ben beforehand. Katy had her birth plan, an amazing and supportive husband, a helpful sister, an incredible nurse (who pulled a shift and a half, due to staff shortage) who was with her the entire time. It was quite the birth team, and with her special music playing on her computer next her bed, she labored beautifully and so calmly, I was in AWE of her. Even though 6 weeks early, Baby E. was born healthy and strong enough to avoid having to go to the NICU.

Thank you, Katy and Ben, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful birth story!

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