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Welcome to the world, Baby A. | San Diego Birth Photographer

First, I’d like to thank Sarah and Matt, for allowing me to be part of Alexander’s welcoming committee! It’s been an honor.

A few weeks ago, while in a meeting with another friend about something photography related, I bumped into Sarah, a friend from my Aussie Mum’s group. After I finished my initial meeting, I sat down with Sarah, and we chatted about our kids and her 4th pregnancy (!). She would be due May 5th. I was really wanting to shoot more births, and so I asked her how long her last labor had been. On finding out it’d been three hours from start to finish, I asked her if she’d like me to shoot her delivery. She’d never before considered having anyone do this, and since this was definitely going to be her LAST baby, she said YES…..I was stoked!

I visited her last Friday to talk about some details, and she calmly told me that there was plenty of time. HA – famous last words! Crazy me, attended a 2 hour bootcamp style training session on Sunday morning from 7-9am, and promptly had a 4 hour nap after getting home!

That same evening the phone rang as I was about to get ready for bed (around 8.30pm), Sarah was letting me know her water had broken. Soon, I left for the hospital, and I arrived there about 10.30. Baby Alexander was born, after ONE push, at 1.19am on ANZAC Day, April 25th, and I was home by 3am. My beloved husband took the kids to school that morning and let me sleep in!

This was quite a different experience, timewise, from the last delivery I photographed (I was at the hospital for 19 hours!). Shooting births has been a learning curve for me. Things like: when do the expecting couple let you know that they’re heading to the hospital, at which point do I head to the hospital.

Despite all the logistic issues and the unpredictability of births, they do remain my all time favorite thing to shoot. The privilege of being present as a new life enters this world, is very humbling. Being trusted by a family to capture these precious moments is out of this world for me!

Have I told you lately how much I love my job? It’s simply the best!


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