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Welcome to the world, Natalie | San Diego Birth Photographer

A Birth Story, Christmas card list, the Yankees, a waiting room floor and tons of laughter

I knew I’d like her as soon as I met her, her smile so warm and friendly. I’d heard about Jennifer through a mutual friend of ours, and contacted her about possibly photographing her Baby’s birth. She jumped at the idea, and so I was on call for just over 3 weeks, 24/7, laying my charged phone by my bedside table every night.

Jennifer’s due date, February 14th, came and went, and we waited. The call finally came as I was finishing up at the gym last Sunday. I was so excited about her Baby’s birth, I didn’t want to wait for fear of missing some really good shots, or even missing it all together. So, I headed in to the Hospital on Sunday afternoon around 1.30pm. I met her husband Danny, parents Phil and Cathy, sister Stephanie, and best friends Kim and Beth. So began the journey.

Time was flying by, and I couldn’t believe how much laughter was filling Jennifer’s Hospital room. Somehow the conversation turned to sports, and as I mentioned that we were Yankees fans at our house, her Dad told me “Right, that’s it, you’re off my Christmas list now”. Laughing, I told him I hadn’t realized I’d been on that list. I think I might be back on it because he will love the pictures of his very first grandchild, Natalie Catherine.

By about 10pm, we were all getting a bit hungry, and Phil and Cathy headed down to pick up some McDonald’s for us. Around midnight, Stephanie, Phil and Cathy headed home to get some rest, and I found myself sleeping on some chair pillows, covered with blankets, on the waiting room floor. By 5am, I was curious how Jennifer was doing, and upon returning to her room found that she was now at 9cm – yay!

Natalie Catherine was born at 8.17 am on Monday 2.21.11. A beautiful little girl, she entered the world surrounded by family and friends – and someone shooting pictures from every angle! I had tears in my eyes, and I feel so very privileged to have been part of the entire birth journey.

To have been trusted by this young couple, to have been accepted so readily by her family, this incredible experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jennifer and Danny, for allowing me to be part of Natalie’s welcome committee!


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