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The birth of Stella Rose | San Diego Birth Photographer

Realized I hadn’t been updating my blog posts with some of the birth I photographed last year!

Here’s the birth story of Stella Rose, born on October 29th, at 10.58am. Mama worked hard to bring her baby girl earthside, so she could join the Laird family, and her two older sisters!
I arrived just before midnight on the 28th, and the midwife soon after that. This was my second time photographing one of Annie’s births, and there are a few things you can count on when she’s in labor; there will be laughter, and there WILL be baking! YES, when I arrived, she was baking while laboring, the only woman I’ve ever know to do both so well – at the same time! Annie likes to be mobile during labor, and so we followed her around the kitchen, living room, bedroom. Around 3.30am, it was time to get some rest though, and the doula and I slept on the couches in the living room, the midwife upstairs in the spare bedroom, while Annie and Rob snuggled up in their bedroom. I think Rob got a phone call from work at 5.30am (!), the older kids were up shortly after 6am, and getting ready for school that day. One of me favorite moments is Annie, holding her daughter, Lucy, after she woke up, and rocking her while laboring, swaying to her own rhythm. So so beautiful and powerful!
Annie had no desire to birth her baby in the pool, but instead birthed Stella in the comfort of her own bed, surrounded by her husband, doula, two amazing midwives – and me!

Every time I photograph a birth, I’m in awe of a woman’s power, beauty and strength. It just never gets old for me! Please enjoy Annie’s birth journey and Stella’s birth story!

freshBaby Javier | San Diego Birth Photographer

Baby Javier was born on January 8th, 2014, and I got to visit him again the very next day for one of my favorite kind of sessions – a freshBaby session. He will never be one day old again, but now his mama and daddy can look back on these pictures and relive these moments over and over again!
He is a handsome little guy, and it’s evident that his mama and daddy love him very much! Laura is a doula in our community, so I get to see this little guy regularly as he grows up!!
How lucky am I?!?!?!